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Chris is a 29 year old guy from Bristol. He describes himself as a transman, if you're into labels, but he's really just Chris, a guy who likes men and women. He is one year post top surgery and has a "cunt." "Putting it out there," he has a vagina and has loosened up, having much more sex now than when he was younger. Becoming comfortable with his whole body, he's now seeing a woman and loves when she "gets in there," even using a strap-on. Ten years on T and with his D-cups gone, Chris is, as you can see when he removes his shirt, very happy with the results. "Allowing" himself to feel better, Chris knew what he wanted and just "went for it," desiring penetration to the point whereby he now squirts abundantly, "like a super-soaker." Being the "pervert" I am, I want to get him out of his pants and see that cunt squirt. Chris will use his "Jilldo" to pleasure himself and we have the privilege of watching, next time.

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