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Kayden's 22 and just moved to Portland. He started transitioning five years ago; fitness is his thing. Wanting to help everyone with health and working out, he knows some of the "binding" issues around going to the gym being cisgender. Personally, he was and is, very sexual, but it took him a while to be comfortable. Now, "I'm just a queer fuck; I date everybody." Finding, "brotherhood and comradery in the leather community," Kayden takes off his shirt and binder; he is pre-top surgery in this two-part BuckAngel.com video. Labeling himself as a "puppy," he enjoys the playful aspects of being with his daddy, "doing whatever a puppy does." Very open and, "here to have some fun," Kayden stands and does a 360 as I "fetish-size" him up and down. Pulling out his packer, he says both guys and girls like it; "hey, you can pick your size of what I put in your ass." Damn, "on that note, I think we'll go do some fun stuff;" next video is full of toys, boys and getting off.

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